Lunch Keynote: Carl Hershner, VIMS, GIS Demonstration

ELPR 2014 - PICTURE 16Carl Hershner gave a fantastic presentation on some of the GIS data being produced by VIMS. For me to describe the great maps that he showed in this blog post seems like it would be an effort in futility. So, instead I will point you towards VIMS, where you can explore some of the data and tools he explained for yourself. The Wetlands Mitigation Targeting Tool,  in particular, stood out to me as something worth exploring. In addition, Hershner’s presentation is worth looking through to see the results that some of the tools and data can produce.


While most of the data Hershner shared is pretty cutting edge and up to date, he did note that the bathymetry data we have is quite out of date. To evidence this, he showed a map of the York River with the dates listed for each segment’s most recently available bathymetry data; almost all of the data was pre-1953. Hopefully the impressive data VIMS is collecting will be able to help local decision makers in confronting the problems posed by climate change.


Blog Post By: Toren Elsen

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