Howl Bean II Bio

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After graduating from college, Howl Bean II sought a graduate program that would unite “academics working together to improve the lives of other people.” Unable to find this collaborative community-based environment in mathematics programs, Howl turned to his roots. Originally from a rural town in Tennessee, he was drawn to William & Mary for the opportunity to study in an academically driven and socially conscious community. Howl hopes to use the law as a tool to preserve the environment for future generations.

As a Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic student this semester, Howl will be working with the James River Association, a non-profit advocacy group, to assess the storage of unregulated chemical substances, including coal ash, along the James River. He will examine the potential risks from climate change to the storage and transport of these chemicals and research the legislative actions other states have taken to address this issue.

Howl attended Murray State University in Kentucky and graduated with a degree in mathematics. He is in his second year at William & Mary Law School, where he works as a teaching assistant for the legal practice program. Howl is also writing a note for the Bill of Rights Journal on welfare drug testing.

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