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Matthew Hubbard has had a lifelong interest in environmental conservation. As a child, he volunteered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF). As a BaySaver, he grew seagrass in black tubs underneath heat lamps in his basement to help restore local aquatic vegetation.

This passion for the nature as a child developed into an interest in environmental law in adulthood. Last semester, Matthew returned to CBF as a Virginia Legal Intern. He conducted research and policy analysis of wetlands regulations. Matthew learned more about the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (VCPC) through connections with CBF, since VCPC Director Roy Hoagland was once the CBF vice president of environmental protection and restoration.

This semester as a VCPC student, Matthew will be working with another student to examine the complexities facing the ownership of drainage ditches in Mathews County, VA. A system of drainage ditches across the county are often flooding nearby roads and properties.

The County is one of the lowest-lying in coastal Virginia, and the drainage ditch system is critical to keep roads and farm fields functioning. With increasing sea level, the County will likely see some significant changes in the coming years. Matthew will be working to establish a protocol to identify ownership and maintenance responsibility.

“I have family in Mathews County, and this has been an issue for a while,” says Matthew. In fact, his grandmother is the librarian at the Public Library and was excited to hear that her grandson will be tackling these issues in their county. He says, “We have been offered full use of the resources of the Mathews County library.”

Matthew is from Richmond, VA. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington as a political science major. He is in his second year at William & Mary Law School, where he is a member of the National Trial Team and Assistant Symposium Editor for the Environmental Law and Policy Review. Matthew also worked on Senator Tim Kaine’s 2012 Senate campaign.

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