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Nate Flanders believes that having work experience prior to starting law school was a critical part of preparing him for a legal career. He has worked for two federal organizations, the United States Postal Service and the claims section of the Coast Guard while a student at William & Mary Law School. Nate hopes that he can experience a hands-on and practical side on the law on a local level as a student in the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (VCPC) this semester.

Nate will be working with another VCPC student to examine the complexities facing the ownership of drainage in Mathews County, VA. A system of drainage ditches across the county are not functioning as intended and periodic flooding of nearby roads and properties is common. Nate will be working to establish a protocol to identify ownership and maintenance responsibility. Mathews County is one of the lowest-lying counties in coastal Virginia and the drainage ditch system is critical to everything from farming to transportation.  With the impacts of climate change, the County will likely see some significant changes in the coming years. “The fact of the matter is, with sea level rise it’s going to be such a different area,” says Nate.

Nate attended Texas Christian University as an undergraduate, where he studied history with a minor in Asian Studies. He is in his third year at William & Mary Law School and is currently a Senior Articles Editor for the Business Law Review Journal.


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