VCPCCOLORLOGOPDFThe Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (VCPC) at the College of William & Mary Law School provides science-based legal and policy analysis of environmental and land use issues affecting the state’s coastal resources and educates the Virginia policymaking, non-profit, legal and business communities about these subjects.  The VCPC blog brings student and faculty generated content to users in an easy to read format with up to date articles, stories, and coastal issues.

Working in partnership with Virginia scientists, particularly at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, law students in the clinic integrates the latest science with legal and policy analysis to solve coastal resource management issues.  From examining issues ranging from property rights to federalism, the clinic’s activities are inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on scientific, economic, and policy expertise from across the university.

The clinic’s pedagogical goals are grounded in the law school’s philosophy of the citizen lawyer.  Clinic students will be trained to work with scientists, local policymakers, private citizens, and the business and military communities to better understand some of the most complex coastal resource management issues facing Virginia and the nation. From understanding local zoning to identifying the concerns of multiple stakeholders, students will gain practical experience that will serve them well in their future legal and professional careers.

The Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic relies on private donations and grants, and is grateful to the individuals, corporations, and foundations who have provided generous support, including: the Virginia Environmental Endowment, Virginia Sea Grant, and The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment.


The views expressed by the contributors to this Blog are not reflective of VCPC’s mission or purpose.

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