Managing Climate Risks in the Global Context:  Why Adaptation Matters for National Security

Rear Admiral Jonathan White

Presented by: Rear Admiral Jonathan White, Oceanographer of the Navy Jonathan White was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in August 2012 and became Director of Task Force Climate Change and the Navy Deputy to NOAA. White began his talk with a quip that he was excited to come down from DC for this event, as he rarely gets to talk to lawyers for free. In talking about the Navy's long running inquiry into climate change, he listed three primary issues that they are focused on: 1) the Arctic, in terms of maritime responsibility; 2) the role of the Navy in coastal policy, noting that Navy bases are very vulnerable; and 3) global security. “Everything going on with climate change has to do with water,” he noted, listing the acidification of oceans, increasing droughts, and flooding in the Himalayas that is occurring for the first … [Read more...]

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